Michigan Health System Testing Repository

Michigan Health System Testing Repository

The Michigan Department of Community Health has been charged with collecting and recording information on Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals that test with one of the Public Health Meaningful Use measures for auditing purposes. This system will allow you to enter the required information and inform the public health system of your request to test for Meaningful Use.

  • The Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR)
  • The Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS)
  • The Michigan Syndromic Surveillance System (MSSS)
  • The Michigan Cancer Surveillance Program (MCSP)
All Registrants
Review the information in this table prior to beginning your registration. Gather the required information, listed below, prior to registering. Once started, the registration must be completed.

Groups Individuals
  • Health systems with multiple NPIs
  • Group provider sites networked to the same certified EHR System
  • Individual Eligible Hospital
  • Individual Eligible Professional

MCSP & MSSS Registrants
You must provide a "Facility OID" and an "Organizational OID." The following tip sheet refers to these as a "sub-organization OID" and "root OID," respectively. You might not necessarily need to use both. For more information about acquiring an OID, please refer to this tip sheet: OID Creation and Registration Tipsheet

If you have any questions regarding the information requested, please contact: